10 Random Facts About Me

1. I can’t stand watermelon. (I’ll eat other melons, but I’m much¬†happier about it when someone else has cut them up.)

2. One night last month, I saw the International Space Station pass over my home. (Now I have a cool NASA app so I can see it again. And again.)

3. I love running. (But you might be embarrassed to run with me because my running attire is ancient. I’m good about replacing worn-out shoes, but the clothing? I get lazy and forget about them.)

4. I love perfume. (But I apparently have weird body chemistry because it’s almost impossible to find a scent that smells good on me, stays on longer than an hour, and that other people notice. And my favorites ALWAYS get discontinued!)

5. I grew up in the South, but lived in New York. (So I’m half and half. “Fried Green Tomatoes” and “The New York Times”.)

6. Now you know my favorite newspaper. Here’s my favorite movie: “Mary Poppins”.

7. My favorite singer? Luciano Pavarotti.

8. Favorite foreign city? Vienna, Austria.

9. I can’t tell you my favorite food; there are too many. (But I made gingerbread muffins yesterday, and they were delicious!)

10. I believe we’re all stronger than we think we are.