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“Only the dead ride with the Valkyrie.”

For millennia, they have traveled to Earth as the lights of the aurora borealis to choose heroes from those slain in battle. However, modern warfare has changed. Have the heroes? Perpetua, a Valkyrie of the Violet Light, is forced to Earth to find out. If she fails, she and her light will be grounded forever.

Jeanan Glazier

Author of The Valkyrie Series

In 2016, I started writing a fantasy novel. It was meant to be one book. However, I’ve learned something about myself that explains the earlier manuscripts “hidden in my desk drawer”. I’m a plot-driven writer who apparently can’t keep things simple. The harder I tried to contain the plot in one book, the more it exploded. Thank goodness for spreadsheets. Otherwise, I would’ve drowned in my notes. This writing project is now The Valkyrie Series and Valkyrie is the working title of the first book.


Only the dead ride with the Valkyrie. Only the most worthy soldiers deserve the honor, so the Valkyrie must know who to choose. But modern warfare has changed. Have the heroes?

Perpetua, an arrogant Valkyrie, is forced to take on human form and walk among mortals to find the answer. Traditional mythology doesn’t include the secret of the Valkyrie – they are also the lights of the aurora borealis. If Perpetua fails, she and her violet light are grounded.

She assumes Amos Haugen is meant to help her navigate human life on Earth. But the traumatized, ex-Marine has one interest: dulling survivor’s guilt with solitude and booze. When Amos understands she’s a Valkyrie, he suggests a pact. He’ll take her to an astronomical conference to find someone who can answer her questions. After her mission is complete, he’ll return her to the mountain cliff where she is to meet her sisters. In exchange, she agrees to follow all of his instructions.

However, this plan becomes complicated when two astronomers discover Perpetua’s identity and reveal chilling news: the mother of all solar storms will hit Earth within a year, causing a technological apocalypse. Amos demands that she avoid them, but she ignores him and the astronomers tell her something just as incredible. The Valkyrie are solar conduits who can control the aurora borealis and deflect the storm. They threaten Perpetua. Either she helps them determine how the Valkyrie use their power or they’ll tell the world what she is.

Perpetua must get back to the cliff, but she broke the pact with the only human she trusts. Can she convince Amos to help her one more time?

© 2019 Jeanan Glazier

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I will be sharing information about The Valkyrie Series periodically, as well as other writings for you to enjoy!

Awards & Accolades

Young Adult Category Winner


Christian Writers of the West
2012 Phoenix Rattler, Courtesy of Christian Writers of the West, ACFW-Arizona

Romantic Suspense Category Winner


First Coast RWA
2009 Beacon Contest, First Coast Romance Writers, RWA

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